Thursday, January 5, 2012

Best Thanksgiving ever!

Thanksgiving 2011

My bladder woke me up at 5:30am this morning.  I tried very hard to get it to let me sleep, but it just wouldn’t relent.  I knew that the first pee of the morning had to be dedicated to a home pregnancy test, so I stumbled out of bed, flipped on the light in the bathroom and tried to get some sort of cognitive awareness to break through the fog of sleep.  As I attempted to focus my eyes on the instructions, I gave myself another pep talk.  “It’s ok either way.  Don’t get your hopes up, it could just be really bad PMS.”  And then I remembered that I started crying during a Folgers commercial the other night . . . that seems a bit extreme, even for my emotional self!

I took the test and within seconds, a blue line appeared . . . a blue line indicating that yes, indeed, I am pregnant!  I tried desperately to re-focus my eyes and make sure I was reading it right.  I looked at the instructions, and I looked at the test again and again . . . yep, there was no mistaking it – that blue line was bright and clear!  Holy Moly!

I had all these grand plans of how I was going to tell Aaron when we eventually got pregnant.  Did I do any of them?  No.  Instead, I went back into the bedroom and poked him with my finger and said “Hey, sorry to wake you, but you’re going to be a daddy.”  At which point, he rolled over and said, “Wait, really?  That’s ok, you can wake me up for that kind of news.”  Then I made him get up and double-check my reading of the test, you know, just in case I was wrong or dreaming it.

I guess that makes this the most thankful Thanksgiving ever!  We stayed awake for a little while talking about it and when we would tell people.  We’re not going to tell anyone today – it’s way too soon.  Though, if people notice me not drinking at Thanksgiving, it might be hard.  That’s actually the main reason I took the test today – I needed to know if I could have some wine with my Thanksgiving dinner.

I need to make a doctor’s appointment.  There’s so much to do around the house.  I’m really excited, but also a little overwhelmed. 

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