Monday, September 9, 2013

Labor Day Weekend

Ok, I know I’m about a week behind in posting about our Labor Day excursions, but we were so busy having fun that I didn’t have time to write anything until now.  We had an amazing Labor Day weekend.  It honestly felt like a mini-vacation because we did so much.  We went to San Diego, came back up to LA to meet a friend’s baby, and then did Disneyland.

The Saturday of Labor Day weekend, we went down to La Jolla Shores in San Diego for a day at the beach to celebrate Aaron’s cousin’s wedding.  Aaron’s brother, Dominick, flew in for the occasion, so we had 3 adults plus Guinevere in the car – which worked out really well when G decided she was over being in the car.  I was already sitting next to her and could try to soothe her.

When we got to the beach, Aaron dropped the rest of us off and then went to find parking.  He had to park about a half mile away . . . oh La Jolla Shores!  Meanwhile, Dominick and I met up with my parents and Aaron’s mom and the rest of the family.  They had a nice tent set up on the grassy area at the beach and we ate some food and just hung out. 

Once Aaron finally joined us, I changed G into her bathing suit and took her down to the water.  She seemed to enjoy splashing around in the waves and walking in the wet sand . . . until a wave came in that scared her!  It didn’t even go that high – it maybe came up to her calf, but she wasn’t expecting it and got scared.  After that, she insisted on clinging to me every time we went near the water.  Other than getting slightly scared in the water, she had a grand old time walking on the sand and all over the grass!

My beach baby!

In the afternoon, Aaron’s cousin and her husband rented kayaks for a bunch of us.  Fortunately, both my parents and Aaron’s mom were perfectly happy to step in and watch G while Aaron and I went out with the kayaks.  I can’t believe I grew up in San Diego and never went kayaking in La Jolla!  We kayaked all the way out into the kelp forest and then over to the caves and back.  I will admit, it was a little nerve racking initially rowing out over the waves in order to get to the calmer seas.  But once we were out in the kelp forest, it was so calm and beautiful.  We saw more seals than I can count – both swimming in the ocean, and relaxing on the rocks in the caves.  After the beach, we went back to my parents’ house for dinner to rest and fuel up before the drive back up to LA.

The next day we went to a party at a family friend’s house.  Their son is like a cousin to me and he and his wife were in town with their 8 month old.  The party was basically an excuse to meet the baby.  I love watching Guinevere meet other babies!  She is always fascinated.  Of course, she’s about the same size as the 8 month old!  Our family friends have a pool and since it was in the 100s, we decided to take advantage of the “optional swimming” portion of the party.  G absolutely loved swimming!  I was a little worried that maybe her fear of the ocean would have carried over to pools, but she did just fine.  In fact, the floaty thing we borrowed had two tubes connected by small strips of plastic, and Guinevere could reach between them and “swim” by kicking her legs and moving her arms.  It was adorable!

On Labor Day itself, I took Guinevere to Disneyland.  Aaron had to work, so it was just Guinevere and me.  As we entered the park, Minnie Mouse was there.  She came over and said “Hi” to Guinevere, but since I was alone with Guinevere, and Minnie was just out and about for a walk, “not stopping, just saying hi,” according to her handler, I didn’t manage to get a picture.  After that, we headed over to Fantasyland and walked through Sleeping Beauty’s castle.  We also went on the carousel and Dumbo.  It’s so much fun watching Guinevere grow and seeing how each trip to Disney, she’s more interested in everything around her!

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