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Welcome to my little corner of the blogoverse.  I started my very first blog forever ago during my first year of law school - at the suggestion of my grandmother, of all people, so that she (and other family members) could keep up with my 180 in life (going from starving artist to starving law student).  That was back when people would ask, "what's a blog?"  After 1L, I kind of let the blog dwindle.  Then I started a new one where I mostly ended up sharing recipes.  It wasn't until I got pregnant and started this blog, that I started regularly posting again.

This blog is about my adventures in working mommyhood.  I tend to post about once a week, sometimes more - but I am a working mom and sometimes (ok, often) life gets in the way.  I'd love to write even more, and have made several resolutions in the past to write more often, which I'll do for about a week or two - and then I'll go a week and a half without posting anything . . . such is the life of a busy working mom.

Hope you enjoy reading!

~ Brenda

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