Monday, March 31, 2014

GD Diet Update

Now that I’ve been on the gestational diabetes meal plan for almost a month, I figured I would give you an update on how it’s going and give you a little more specifics on what all it entails.  I’ve been surprised to learn that a lot of people think the GD diet is low-carb or non-carb. It’s absolutely not that.  In fact, a big part of the meal plan is ensuring that I eat some carb, some protein and some fat in each sitting.  As I’ve said previously, the diet is really not that bad. Other than breakfast, it’s kind of the way I like to eat anyway. 

Here are the specifics given to me by my doctor (I’m sure other doctors do it differently, so if your doctor says something different, follow those directions:

1.     Breakfast: 2 starch, 2 protein, 1 fat (no milk, no fruit)
a.     Favorite breakfast so far: breakfast burrito
                                               i.     1 whole wheat tortilla
                                              ii.     1 egg
                                            iii.     1 oz cheese
                                            iv.     Salsa
                                              v.     Sometimes I’ll add spinach or chopped bell pepper too
2.     Snack #1: 1 starch, 1 protein, 1 fat, 1 milk
a.     Favorite morning snack: Balance Bar & a glass of milk
3.     Lunch: 2 starch, 3 protein, 1 vegetable (or more), 1 fruit, 1 milk, 1 fat
a.     Favorite lunch: Mediterranean chicken wrap:
                                               i.     1 whole wheat tortilla
                                              ii.     3 oz grilled chicken
                                            iii.     1 tbsp hummus
                                            iv.     Spinach, lettuce, cucumbers tomatoes
                                              v.     Glass of milk or 6 oz yogurt
                                            vi.     1 cup strawberries
4.     Snack #2: 1 starch, 1 protein, 1 fat, 1 fruit
a.     Favorite afternoon snack: 1 oz goat cheese, 1 serving Triscuits, 1 apple
5.     Dinner: 2 starch, 4 protein, 1 vegetable (or more), 1 fat, 1 milk (optional)
a.     Favorite dinner:
                                               i.     4 oz grilled chicken
                                              ii.     1 cup veggies (zucchini, kale or broccoli, usually)
                                            iii.     2/3 cup rice
                                            iv.     1 tsp butter
6.     Bedtime snack: 1 protein, 1 starch, 1 fat, 1 milk
a.     Favorite bedtime snack: ¼ cup cottage cheese, with 1 piece of buttered toast & a glass of milk.

One of the hardest parts of the meal plan is taking the extra 10-15 minutes each morning to pack my lunch plus two snacks.  I really should start packing my lunch before bed time, but I just can’t quite seem to ever make myself gather up the energy at the end of the night.  I am very glad that I already owned a food scale so that I can always measure out exactly how many ounces of each type of food I’m supposed to be eating.  The one big downside to this meal plan is that it is definitely more expensive than my typical diet due to all the extra protein (i.e. meat) that I have to purchase.  One way I’ve always been able to keep household grocery costs down all these years is by cooking vegetarian meals at least half the time.  While I’m sure that a vegetarian could figure out how to make this meal plan work for them, based on the paperwork they gave me, it seems I would end up eating an awful lot of tofu.  I like tofu and all, but I don’t think I could handle that much of it! Oh well, only about a month and half left to go!

Here are some pictures of typical meals I've been eating.

1 egg, 1 oz cheese, 2 pieces of toast with 1 tbsp butter
Mediterranean wrap as described above

Pot roast, broccoli, small potato, greek yogurt

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Big City Moms Baby Shower Event

Last week I had the pleasure of attending the Big City Moms “Biggest Baby Shower”event at the Skirball.  I love attending events/expos like this!  The freebies you walk away with alone make it worth attending, not to mention any extra knowledge you may glean by talking directly with vendors.  There were all kinds of companies there, from stroller & car seat companies to local masseurs to baby food companies.

My very first stop when I arrived was a local reflexology & massage booth.  I got a free five-minute reflexology massage.  As the lady was working on the pressure points on my hands, she correctly ascertained that my back has been hurting lately (what pregnant lady doesn’t have back pain?)  But then she said that it felt like more than just pregnancy related back pain and said that I was very tight – which is a usual state of affairs for me.  My muscles in general are very tight.  I told her I was a dancer and maybe that had something to do with it?  She said she’d never worked on a dancer before and maybe that was it.  Or I’m just weird and have a super tight back (which anyone who has ever given me a massage can attest to).

After that I strolled around a bit and talked to some people from a fantastic non-profit called Baby 2 Baby.  They are basically like Goodwill, but specialize in baby gear. They have drop off points throughout the city and can arrange for pick up from your home.  Since this will be our last baby, I am definitely holding on to their information for any & all baby items that I want to donate.

The number of vendor booths and people was almost overwhelming at this event!  After spending several minutes chatting with the first couple booths , I decided that I needed to pick up the pace and cruise a little faster if I ever wanted to get home at a decent hour.  (At least the GD diet allowed me to skip the Sprinkles Cupcake booth!)  Here are some highlights of the most memorable booths where I did stop:

-       Diono car seats:

o   If you want a car seat that looks like it’s fit for a race car, this is your seat.  My favorite aspects of this car seat are: a) it’s narrower than others, so it would be more likely to fit in my Corolla next to another car seat .  Some car seats are super wide! b) It converts to a booster seat so that you really only need this seat from birth (or toddler age) until the kid gets old enough to sit in a seat by themselves (which I think is around 8 years old according to CA law right now – not 100% sure since 8 feels forever away right now).  As a booster seat, it can hold a kid up to 120 pounds – which means non-pregnant Brenda could sit in this thing and it would hold up! Aaron and I had previously decided we would just get another Britax for G for his car, but the advantage of this one converting to a booster seat almost has me thinking maybe the extra cost up front would be worth it. 

-       Magnificent Baby Clothes:

o   This is such a clever idea – they use magnets instead of snaps or zippers to fasten the baby’s clothes!  So all those middle of the night diaper changes where you are struggling with a squirming baby and half-asleep would go much faster. I meant to go back at the end of the night and buy some of the samples they were selling for 50% off, but then I forgot.

-       Placenta Encapulation:
o   This company will not only freeze dry your placenta and turn it into pills, they will also turn it into a tincture so that you can add droplets of your placenta to whatever food you want or turn your placenta into a body cream that you can rub all over yourself.  Hey, if you’re into placenta encapsulation, good for you.  It’s just not for me.  I had a hard time keeping a straight face and not looking completely grossed out . . . especially when I saw that in addition to placenta encapsulation, this company will also make art out of your umbilical cord.  Seriously people, this is a thing!  They take your umbilical cord, twist it into the shape of a heart and frame it for you to hang on your wall as a mummified reminder of squeezing that baby out.  Click here to see an example.

I also ran into Rachel from Club MomMe and her brand new addition to her family.  In case you don’t remember, when I was pregnant with G, I attended a registry event held by ClubMomMe and loved it.  I just love their positive outlook on everything.  They are constantly holding events and seminars and I wish I had the time & money to attend all of them!

When it was time to leave, I checked out at the registration booth to get my gift bag of awesome!  As part of the admission fee, everyone was guaranteed a hug bag of goodies to take home with them at the end of the night.  I paid a little extra to also be guaranteed to take home a Lillebaby carrier.  It’s like the Ergo, but allows the baby to face forward.  G was forever trying to twist around in the Ergo and see everything once she got curious about the world.  After we test out our new carrier, I will definitely let you know how we like it.  The best part is that the Ergo can still hold G in the back pack position, so now we can go on hikes and things carrying both kids!
Can't wait to try out our Lillebaby Carrier!

Here are the contents of my bag of awesome all laid out on my dining room table:

Oh, also, I can’t forget the best part.  At check out, they had me draw a number and then they went back in their secret room of prizes and said, “You won a stroller!”  Then they brought me out this stroller:
Maxi Cosi Kaia Stroller

Holy wow!  We’ve been wanting a smaller, lightweight stroller for a while now.  I haven’t tested it out yet, but will definitely let you know how we like it once we do.  G keeps walking up to it and wanting to sit in it in our dining room.  Too bad we get home so late every night.  Otherwise, I would love to take her on a walk in the evenings.  Maybe as the sun continues to stay up later and later, we will be able to do an evening walk or two.

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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Guinevere's Acting Debut!

Now that the following video has been released to the public, I can tell you about a little project that G and I worked on back in October.  Aaron and his friend, Amy Bloom (some of you may recognize her from VGR and other projects), have produced a fun little webseries called, “Boozy Mom.”  The premise is a single mom, living in Newport Beach (or other like minded, wealthy suburban neighborhood).  She married a rich guy, they got divorced and now she’s raising his kids.  She’s not the best mom in the world, but she tries. (Depending on your workplace, it may not be appropriate for work.  Contains some language and drug references (no drug references in G's episode, though), but no nudity or violence.)

G and I are in the first episode of the series.  I had a super tough acting challenge . . . playing mom to the adorable little miss G! (Please read the sarcasm through the words written on the page.)  There may be a few of you reading this who don’t know that my undergrad degree is in theatre.  I actually moved to LA to be an actress (like the other 90% of little blonde females who move to LA).  However, I found that once people discovered I can dance on my toes, that’s what I ended up getting cast for the majority of the time.  No worries; I love ballet.  But it was really fun to do some plain acting again!  I haven’t done a lot of on-camera acting – most of my acting resume is filled with live theatre.  So this was a great experience for all of us.  It's fantastic having someone else do my hair and makeup! 

I was SO impressed with Guinevere on set!  She was so well behaved!  She made everyone fall in love with her (not hard), AND she was quiet when necessary (super hard!).  She even mostly stayed on her marks when the camera was rolling.  The hardest part of the whole day was that, when we weren’t being used on camera, I had to make sure she didn’t wander off and start destroying anything on the set.  We were shooting at an amazing house in Newport Beach and it was most definitely not baby proofed!  My arms were very sore the next day from picking her up so much!

About a month or so ago, we shot some backstage footage, which I think has yet to be released.  Guinevere did amazingly well for that, too!  We sat her on a couch, gave her a prop and just let the camera roll.  The footage is priceless!  Maybe we should get this kid an agent . . . 

Here’s Guinevere’s episode:

After the initial “soft launch” period, they are going to start a kickstarter campaign, as well as a press campaign, to try and drum up enough money & interest to turn this into a TV.  They would love your support!

Here are all the various social media links for you to show your support:

How do you think Guinevere did in her acting debut?