Saturday, August 31, 2013

Brenda Blogs About . . .

Hi everyone!  Sorry it's been awhile since my last post. I promise I didn't forget about my blog. In fact, I've been hard at work on a major announcement that I can finally make today!  The name of this blog is now "Brenda Blogs About . . ."  I even bought my own domain name:

"Brenda's Baby Bump Blog" was conceived (haha, get it?) when I was pregnant with G.  Some people had suggested changing it now that I'm not pregnant anymore, and have lost all semblance of a "bump." For a while, I was perfectly happy leaving the name as is, since I will always consider G my little "bump."  But I found that the name was rather cumbersome.  It also felt like perhaps the name was constraining me to be just a "mommy blog."  While this is predominantly a mommy blog, I may want to write a post here or there about dance or theatre or current copyright issues or whatever comes to mind.  I feel that "Brenda Blogs About . . ." will enable me to have more freedom in my blogging topics and it feels more "me" right now.  

Fortunately, blogger lets me redirect to the new URL, so if you already have my blog bookmarked and/or are following on bloglovin, it (should) still work.  Please forgive me if there are any technical glitches associated with the changeover.  I'm still working on the layout/graphics, so bare with me . . . you may see several different iterations before I settle on anything.  I just couldn't wait to post about the new name any longer! :)

In addition to the new blog name, I also have new ways for you to follow me:
- Twitter: @bblogsabout (please don't hate me if I post political stuff that you don't agree with)
- Facebook: Coming soon!
- Instagram (yes, I finally broke down and signed up): brendablogsabout

Monday, August 5, 2013

First Steps!

Major announcement in our household: Guinevere took her first unassisted steps!  (Well, really, I should say, “step” as she only took 1 step and then fell over, but that’s ok.)  We’ve been thinking she would probably do it sooner rather than later.  She’s been able to stand completely on her own for a couple seconds at a time for a couple weeks now.  Then on Friday night, Aaron and I both got home from work at the same time (a miracle in and of itself).  Aaron’s friend, Dave (best man at our wedding), was over visiting.  G was suddenly standing really well on her own.  

We had a feeling she might take her first step that night.  So Aaron pulled out his phone to take some video.  Of course, his phone was completely full (seriously, we have to empty our phones so often now bc they fill up with so many baby pics & videos – anyone else have that problem?).  So Aaron was frantically trying to empty his phone while I tried to encourage G to take a step.  

She would be holding on to me and then let go and then look like she was going to take a step, but then she would either fall to the ground and crawl, or grab onto me or a toy.  Then finally, Aaron cleared enough space on his phone to take some video.  He trained the camera on her and this is what we got:

She took her first step!  And we caught it on camera!  How often do you get an actual first milestone like this on camera?  (Obviously, not counting planned milestones like first time riding a bike, etc.)  As you can see, we were very excited!  She didn’t take any other unassisted steps on Friday night and has only taken a couple more since then.  But she now stands on her own for several minutes.  And walks amazingly well while holding onto something.  It’s only a matter of time before she’s running through the house like a hooligan!

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