Monday, February 17, 2014

G's First Time in a Dance Studio

The other day, I took G over to Reach Dance Academy in Burbank.  Reach is owned by my friend, Raquel Cordova, and is the studio where we rehearsed for the show I danced in last November.  I’ve also substitute taught ballet for Raquel.  (It was so much fun!  Raquel, if you’re reading this, I would love to sub for you any time!)  Reach recently opened and they were having an open house.  I wanted to take G over so she could meet my dancer friends and see where mommy likes to spend her time.  Unfortunately, due to obligations earlier in the day, we got there right as the open house ended.  Fortunately, Raquel likes me and let G run around in the studio as much as she wanted.

Once in the studio, G had a blast!  I never thought about it before, but toddlers and dance studios are the perfect combination – a big open space with nothing but kid friendly emptiness!  G ran back and forth over and over again.  Eventually we tried to teach her some dance moves.  I showed her a pirouette and then she ran around herself in a circle.  I attempted to teach her tendus, which resulted in her kicking her feet out and then running some more.  We even taught her to chasse – and she actually picked that move up!

It was ridiculously adorable!  I can’t wait until she’s old enough for me to enroll her in an actual class.  I would love to take a mommy & me class with her, too, but it seems like all the mommy & me classes are geared toward the stay at home mom crew.  I have yet to find one offered on the weekend.  Maybe during maternity leave I can find one and enroll short term . . . you know, when I’m not dealing with sleep deprivation and spit up.

Looks like she's doing a saute.

Trying to chasse.
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