Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Guinevere's Acting Debut!

Now that the following video has been released to the public, I can tell you about a little project that G and I worked on back in October.  Aaron and his friend, Amy Bloom (some of you may recognize her from VGR and other projects), have produced a fun little webseries called, “Boozy Mom.”  The premise is a single mom, living in Newport Beach (or other like minded, wealthy suburban neighborhood).  She married a rich guy, they got divorced and now she’s raising his kids.  She’s not the best mom in the world, but she tries. (Depending on your workplace, it may not be appropriate for work.  Contains some language and drug references (no drug references in G's episode, though), but no nudity or violence.)

G and I are in the first episode of the series.  I had a super tough acting challenge . . . playing mom to the adorable little miss G! (Please read the sarcasm through the words written on the page.)  There may be a few of you reading this who don’t know that my undergrad degree is in theatre.  I actually moved to LA to be an actress (like the other 90% of little blonde females who move to LA).  However, I found that once people discovered I can dance on my toes, that’s what I ended up getting cast for the majority of the time.  No worries; I love ballet.  But it was really fun to do some plain acting again!  I haven’t done a lot of on-camera acting – most of my acting resume is filled with live theatre.  So this was a great experience for all of us.  It's fantastic having someone else do my hair and makeup! 

I was SO impressed with Guinevere on set!  She was so well behaved!  She made everyone fall in love with her (not hard), AND she was quiet when necessary (super hard!).  She even mostly stayed on her marks when the camera was rolling.  The hardest part of the whole day was that, when we weren’t being used on camera, I had to make sure she didn’t wander off and start destroying anything on the set.  We were shooting at an amazing house in Newport Beach and it was most definitely not baby proofed!  My arms were very sore the next day from picking her up so much!

About a month or so ago, we shot some backstage footage, which I think has yet to be released.  Guinevere did amazingly well for that, too!  We sat her on a couch, gave her a prop and just let the camera roll.  The footage is priceless!  Maybe we should get this kid an agent . . . 

Here’s Guinevere’s episode:

After the initial “soft launch” period, they are going to start a kickstarter campaign, as well as a press campaign, to try and drum up enough money & interest to turn this into a TV.  They would love your support!

Here are all the various social media links for you to show your support:

How do you think Guinevere did in her acting debut?


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