Wednesday, May 1, 2013

May 30 x 30 Challenge

Ok, let me start this post by saying that I am NOT a fashion blogger!  However, I follow Kelly at Mrs. In Training (stumbled on her blog when researching the name Guinevere – turns out she has a Guinevere who is about a year older than my Guinevere) and she is a fashion blogger.  She posted about this challenge and asked people to join.  At first I thought, “no, that’s not for me.  Besides, I bet I wear the same 30 pieces over and over again anyway, where’s the challenge?”  But then I thought about it more, and it actually sounds like a great way to a) achieve the goal of writing more – even if it is to bore you with my fashion choices over the next month and b) have some fun with the clothes I own.

Here’s the deal – I chose 30 pieces from my wardrobe: pants, shorts, shirts, dresses and shoes.  I can only wear those 30 pieces for the next month.  I will take a picture each day (probably a crappy iphone in the mirror selfie – I promise, NO duckface, though!).  I am not counting “comfy” clothes – i.e. the sweats/shorts I change into after I get home from work.  I’m also not counting any tank tops/under shirts that I wear underneath my clothes or my flip flops.  If I wear flip flops on any day, that’s not “fashion,” that's just me being comfortable.  I also know that I need to appear at a deposition this month and will be wearing a suit.  But since I never wear suits to work, it would be totally unfair to count those 3 items against me for the rest of the month.

Things I learned while picking out my clothes for the month:
  • -       I am apparently over the color brown!  I feel like I’ve been wearing it ALL the time lately, but looking at the colors that I picked out, they are all more pinks, purples and blues.  I even put away a pair of tall brown boots that I thought I was going to wear!

  • -        I still have 2 ginormous bags of clothes stashed in my closet that I meant to give to goodwill back when I was returning to work from maternity leave.

  • -       Now that I am fitting in all of my pre-pregnancy clothes again, I am super excited to put back into rotation some of the clothes that I had stashed away that didn’t quite fit when I first went back to work.

  • -       I am still pumping and I have only 2 dresses that really work for pumping, which makes me sad.  There are a bunch of dresses that I really miss wearing!

And without further ado, here are my selections:



Jackets & Sweaters


Check back on these dates to see what I chose to wear when:

Wednesday, May 1st:  My 30 selected items
Wednesday, May 8th:  Days 1-6
Tuesday, May 14th:  Days 7-12
Monday, May 20th:  Days 13-18
Monday, May 27th:  Days 19-24
Monday, June 3rd:  Days 25-30

Here are the other lovely bloggers participating: photo Picture1a_zps9732b8d3.png


  1. Love your dresses! I have 1 pair of brown capris in my bunch and I almost got rid of them, so I know how you feel!

    1. Thank you! I haven't worn either dress since before I had my baby, so I'm excited to bring them back into the rotation.

  2. I'm nursing and it seriously limits what I wear, so I was glad to do this and not have to worry about what will work every morning! Can't wait to see your outfits!

    1. Honestly, that was another reason I decided to join the challenge - I figured it would cut down on the typical morning dilemma of what to wear! :)

  3. Love all your spring colors!! And so glad you're joining up with us. Can't wait to see your first week!!

  4. I seriously need more clothes. I have about 7 shirts, 2 pairs of pants, 2 skirts, and 2 dresses that are "work appropriate," so having 30 items for the month would be an AWESOME boon to my closet! I used to have a lot more clothing I could wear, but my office got a stricter dress code, so no more jeans and t-shirts, which was about 80% of my wardrobe back in the day. Next paycheck and I think I might be able to buy one more shirt and maybe a dress to add to the selection... I figure a few more months and I might actually have enough clothes in my closet to not wear the same thing every week!