Tuesday, May 14, 2013

30x30 Week 2

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Wow!  This is harder than I thought.  It’s not the finding outfits that’s really that hard (so far).  It’s the documenting them.  I’ve been taking cell phone pics of myself in the morning “for safety” and then having my husband take pictures when I get home from work.  I just now looked at all the pics and so many are blurry . . . so my apologies in advance for the not so great pictures.

Day 7
Black & white polka dot blouse w/black slacks.  I was meeting with outside counsel today, so I figured I should look “professional.”

Day 8
Black sweater, pink butterfly t-shirt w/ gray & pink capri slacks.  I can’t tell you how happy I am to fit back into these pants again!  These were stored away in the “don’t fit yet” bin until this challenge when I decided to try them on for the first time in 6 months.  They used to be one of my favorite pairs of pants and I am so happy to bring them back into rotation.

Day 9
Brown sweater (Old Navy), blue paisley blouse (Old Navy) & Felicia Day jeans.

I bought this sweater and blouse as part of my “back to work” shopping “spree” (I put “spree” in quotation marks because I only spent $60 and got a couple pairs of pants and shirts, but I don’t shop for myself very much, so it felt kind of like a spree to me).

Day 10
I’m sorry, but today’s pic was so bad I’m not even posting it.  I was home alone with Guinevere all day and attempted to fake a tripod by setting my camera on my mantel and setting it to auto.  When I looked at the screen after the pic had been taken, it looked ok, but then I downloaded it to my computer and it was so blurry you couldn’t even see my face.  That’s ok.  I’ll just tell you what I wore.  It was my khaki shorts, a Target nursing tank and my denim jacket.

Day 11
I found out the hard way that one of the two dresses I selected does not work for nursing.  So I had to change at the last minute into this outfit: khaki shorts & blue blouse.  

Day 12
Old Navy pink blouse & black slacks.
This ensemble was also part of my “back to work” shopping spree.  Though I’m going to need to get a belt for those slacks pretty soon.  It feels like they get bigger with each time I wear them.

Also, since I did something fun with my hair, I decided to take pics of my hair too.  :)

There you have it!  Please check out the other lovely ladies doing this crazy challenge with me.


  1. Love your hair! I always want to do fun things to my hair but it's too short right now. Great outfits! I love those pants too and congrats on fitting in them again!

  2. I LOVE Day 7 where you are wearing all black and the white/black polka peaks out. Day 8 is so cute, too! And I LOVE your hair in day 12! I want a tutorial! :)

  3. I have pants that feel like they keep getting bigger each time I wear them too. I would be excited, except its just that pair, not all of them :) Dang nursing, making our fashion choices so hard! (but I love it)

  4. Great outfits! I never have time to "do" my hair so its always just blow dry strait or up in a pony tail!