Sunday, June 17, 2012

37 Weeks: Happy (pre)Father's Day

I am now 37 weeks, which means baby is technically full term and could come any time . . . though I still have 2 more weeks of work, so I tell her every morning that, while I am excited to meet her, if she could give us at least 2 more weeks, it would be fantastic.  We shall see if she listens . . .

I want to dedicate this post to the important dads in my life: my dad, Aaron’s dad, and of course, Aaron.  My dad is one of the best dads I have ever known . . . ok, maybe I’m a little biased.  But seriously, it’s kind of awesome to see the look on people’s faces when they ask what your dad does and you say “geophysicist.”  Most people have no idea what that even encompasses.  Honestly, for the majority of my childhood, all I knew about my dad’s occupation was that he went to an office that had a chalkboard that I liked to draw on and he drank coffee and stared at the computer all day.  But seriously, my dad is fantastic – he helped me study for almost every science and math test in high school (and even some in college).  We like to sit and drink coffee and watch “Meet the Press” on Sunday mornings while having intelligent conversations about politics and the world in general. (a tradition that Aaron and I have continued in our own home).  I feel very lucky to have such an amazing and intelligent person as my dad.

Aaron’s dad, sadly, is no longer with us, which makes Father’s Day somewhat bittersweet.  He was an amazing man and I am so glad that I got to know him.  Aaron’s dad was funny, talkative and loving.  Even though he is no longer with us, I know he lives on through Aaron.  Aaron certainly got his loquaciousness from his dad!  I think Aaron also inherited his sense of loyalty and sense of humor from his dad.  I am sure that wherever his spirit is, Aaron’s dad is very proud of him and is excited about Aaron becoming a dad.

Which brings me to Aaron himself.  Let me start with a little bit of backstory.  There are some women who have known their whole life they wanted kids . . . I was not one of those women!  Then I met Aaron.  I can remember early in our dating life, we played a lot of board games.  When Aaron plays board games, he likes to goof around and make funny voices.  I just remember thinking to myself, “Dang it, this guy would make an amazing dad!”  Then I met his family and they were amazing too!  I knew then that his upbringing would lend itself to him being the type of dad I would want for my kids . . . if I were to have kids.  So I guess for me, it wasn’t about me seeking out a man that would be the father to my children I had always imagined.  It was about finding the right guy and then realizing that he is the person I want to have kids with.  (Sorry if that sounds super cheesy!) I just know he will be a great dad.  We both have enough Peter Pan in us that we are looking forward to really getting down to their level and playing with our kids.  Aaron has already put in a bunch of “fatherly” effort in putting together all the furniture for the baby’s room.  He already installed the car seat into his car, and will spend part of Father’s Day installing the other car seat in my car today.  I am so excited to start this adventure with Aaron! 

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