Sunday, February 10, 2013

Teeth (and other things)

The teeth have arrived!  Guinevere’s bottom two teeth finally cut through the gums, so she now has two adorable little tooth nubs (I can’t really call them teeth yet).  It seems like her little teeth are helping her with eating, though.  She is expanding her food repertoire more and more every day.  She LOVES zucchini!  She’ll put it in her mouth and use her teeth to scrape the soft part off the skin.  Then she drops the peel on her high chair tray and demands more.

The one downside to Guinevere’s new teeth: nursing.  All I can say is ouch!  Her little teeth are sharp!  She’s actually been pretty good so far – she’s only bitten me a few times.  I read that when babies start biting during a feeding, it really means they are done and are just playing/experimenting.  My method of dealing with it is to tell her “no” and that it hurts me and then give her one more chance to finish eating in case she wasn’t done.  If she bites me again, then we are done with that feeding.

Guinevere is saying new “words” all the time now.  In addition to “dadada,” she says “bababa,” “tatata,” “gaga” and “owowowo.”  Still no “mama,” but that’s ok.  We’ll get there eventually.  She’s starting to try to crawl, but can’t figure out how to get her legs under her, so she ends up just scootching backwards.  Then she gets frustrated and starts crying.  She’s sitting up really well now.  We still have to sit next to her while she’s sitting up, though, because she gets really excited sometimes and starts bouncing/swaying and then falls backwards.

We took Guinevere to a playground for the first time ever today.  We went with some friends and their kid who is about a year older than Guinevere.  I have to admit the Peter Pan in me wanted to have kids just so that I could have an excuse to play on playgrounds again.  I know Guinevere’s a little young for playgrounds, but I had a blast!  I held her and walked around all the play equipment, pointing out all the fun things she could play with when she gets bigger.  Then I took her on a slide.  Here’s the video:

I don’t know if she enjoyed it, but I sure did.  Btw, I know in comparison to our friends on the East Coast, our weather is nice, but it was very cold for Southern California. It was only 48 degrees when we left the house!  (hence my warm jacket)  I can’t wait to take G to the playground again when she’s old enough to really enjoy it.

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  1. Those teeth were the end of our nursing :( I don't know how so many mamas are able to nurse so long with teeth - top AND bottom! Ouch :(