Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Ok, now I can finally write a post about Christmas decorations in our household.  It actually took 2 weeks to get everything up this year.  The first weekend, I put Guinevere in her Mamaroo, turned on John Denver and the Muppets and assembled the Christmas tree.  Yes, we have a fake tree.  I grew up with real trees, and still love the smell and freshness of real trees, but I will admit that I love the ease of a fake tree.  I can just pull it out of the garage whenever I’m ready to get my decoration on.  I don’t need a strong man to help me put a tree in a stand and move it wherever I want it.  Aaron and I bought this tree the first year we were married using Target gift cards that were given to us as wedding gifts.  I like to think that buying Christmas decorations we will use year after year is exactly what people intended when they gave us those gift cards. 

Anyway, Guinevere was done by the time I got the tree assembled and finally got the lights on.  I had to re-do the lights 3 times.  The first time I got done and then realized I had them backwards (with the plug on top of the tree).  The second time, I got the lights all up on the tree, plugged them in and then realized that half of that string of lights didn’t work.  Third time, I finally got them all up, in the right direction, and they all worked – they’re not as evenly spaced as I would prefer, but oh well.  By the time I finished all that, G was super fussy, so I had to wait until the next weekend to put the ornaments on the tree.

Our tree 2012

We have a bunch of fun ornaments:
Our first joint ornament.

We are nerds.
 Aaron’s favorite part is the Han Solo “topper” (really it’s just a figurine that we have straddle the top of the tree) (funny story: I was at lunch telling some co-workers about our Han Solo Christmas tree topper and then they told me to “go tell him.”  I turned around, and there was Harrison Ford, eating lunch at the same restaurant as us!)

Yes, that is a Han Solo Xmas tree topper.
 And here's our mantle:

Our mantle 2012
 Because we got married in December, I like to use our cake topper as a Christmas decoration.  Those purple cloth napkins are also from our wedding.

Cake topper/Xmas decoration

 And of course, our newest stocking holder:
Guinevere at 2 weeks in the stocking holder - I plan on updating the picture every year.

For the first time ever, I'm jumping into the world of social blogging and participating in a link party.  I found out about this one from my friend, Danielle, who has a blog called Silver Pennies (you really should check out her blog if you like crafty home decoration stuff). 

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  1. Brenda, thanks so much for the shout out! Love your Christmas decorating. OMG, my boys would love all those star wars ornaments. I love the picture of Guinevere in her stocking holder so sweet. Thanks so much for linking up!